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Web Development

Shivah Web Tech, a leading full-service web development agency in Mohali, has been delivering exceptional web development services  to businesses since 2021. Our team of experienced developers is committed to creating custom websites and applications that not only boast stunning visuals but also yield significant results. We prioritize providing our clients with top-notch web development services in Mohali, which has earned us a reputation as one of the industry’s finest agencies.

Web Development Services

Why Choose Shivah Web Tech for Your Web Development Needs

Expert Team of Developers

Backed by years of industry experience, our talented team of developers excels in crafting custom websites and applications. With their expertise, we seamlessly combine functionality and beauty to deliver exceptional digital solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Customized Web

If your business requires a bespoke application to fulfill its unique needs, our team of experienced developers is here to assist you. With expertise in developing a wide range of applications, from simple tools to complex systems, we are well-equipped to deliver tailored solutions that precisely align with your requirements.

Latest Technologies and Techniques

Using state-of-the-art technologies and development techniques, we build high-performing websites and applications that prioritize user-friendliness. Our commitment to staying updated with the latest trends ensures our solutions remain at the forefront of industry standards.


Recognizing the constraints of tight budgets, we provide cost-effective pricing options for our web development services. We firmly believe in granting every business access to high-quality solutions, which is why we offer competitive pricing that ensures exceptional value for your investment.

Shivah Web Tech is a renowned web development agency that offers a diverse range of web development services to cater to businesses of all scales. Our team of experienced developers dedicates their efforts to creating bespoke websites and applications that yield tangible outcomes. From website development and custom application development to responsive design and ongoing support, we provide comprehensive solutions to help you thrive online. If you seek the expertise of the finest web development agency to ensure your online success, look no further than Shivah Web Tech.

Our Web Development Services


We specialize in developing bespoke web applications to meet your specific requirements. We transform your vision into reality, delivering high-quality solutions that exceed expectations. Trust our team to harness the power of Laravel and create exceptional results.


If you need a custom application to meet the specific needs of your business, we can help. Our team of developers has experience creating a wide range of applications, from simple tools to complex systems.


With more and more people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, it’s important that your website or application is optimized for these devices. Our responsive design services ensure that your website or application looks great .

and Support

Once your website or application is up and running, it’s important to keep it up to date and running smoothly. Our website maintenance and support services ensure that your website or application stays up to date.

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