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Best Digital Marketing Packages For Your Business







Monthly Cost(USD)







Keywords Target (Primary)

Upto 30

Upto 50

Upto 100

Search Terms Tracking




Goal Improvement (Quarterly)

25% *

30% *

40% *

Initial Review & Analysis

Technical Website Audit

Backlinks Analysis

Competition Analysis

Search Term Selection & Mapping

On Page Optimization

Resolve Canonicalization

Analytics and Search Console Setup

Analytics Goal Conversion Setup

Call Tracking Setup (Paid) Included

URL structure Analysis

Title, Descr and Tag Optimization

Robots.txt optimization

Schema and Structure Data Setup

Internal Link and Content Optimization

Title & Meta Tags Optimization

Upto 30 Pages

Upto 50 Pages

User Behaviour Analysis

Local Search Optimization (If applicable)

Google Business Profile Setup & Verification

Bing Local Listing Setup

Local Business Citations & Reviews

Content Creation (per month)

Content Syndication and Link Acquisition

Content Syndication and Link Acquisition

Google Ads(PPC)

Google/MS Ads Account Setup

Keywords Analysis

Ad Copies Creation

Bid Strategy & Adjustment

Remarketing Setup

Landing Pages Suggestions

Conversion Tracking Setup

Ads A/B Testing

Shopping Feed Management

Conversion Tracking

Social Media

Account Setup/Management

Upto 2 Platforms

Upto 3 Platforms

Upto 4 Platforms

Create Content Calendar

Create and Implement Marketing Strategies

Social Media Competitive Analysis

Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis

Post Boosting


Customer Support

Dedicated Project Manager

Email, Chat, Phone

Call Tracking

Project Management Tool Tracking

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We Can Grow Your Business Exponentially

At Shivah Web Tech Pvt. Ltd. ,we can enhance your overall online presence on the search with our more than decade long SEO experience. With our Affordable Digital Marketing Packages , we’ve helped businesses of all sizes reach their organic marketing goal. Check out the impact we’ve generated with our digital marketing services packages for some of our clients:

Need Help in Selecting the Right SEO Package?

Not so sure which package best suits your business? Lets connect with us to get help with the same.

Trusted By Companies

We take pride in having served 10,000+ clients in a variety of industries. We have worked with companies of all sizes, and we are also familiar with the market conditions across a wide range of industries. Our broad spectrum of knowledge and experience comes because of the work we’ve done. Here are some of the significant clients we’ve worked with:


“The team at Shivah Web Tech went above and beyond to deliver a high-quality website that perfectly reflects my brand. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

David Lee

“Shivah Web Tech provided me with an exceptional experience from start to finish. They were able to take my ideas and turn them into a beautiful, functional website that I am proud to showcase.”

Sarah Johnson

“I highly recommend Shivah Web Tech for anyone looking for a professional and reliable web development company. They did a fantastic job on my website and I am extremely satisfied with the results.”

Bob Smith

“Shivah Web Tech did an incredible job designing and developing my website. They were able to turn my vision into a reality and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.”

John Doe

Our Services:

At our company, our main goal is to support the growth of our client’s websites. We achieve this by providing effective branding and online marketing packages, along with reliable digital marketing services. Our comprehensive packages include various strategies such as SEO, SMO, content writing, link building, and app store optimization. These affordable digital marketing pricing packages are designed to uplift small businesses and provide them with ample opportunities for growth.

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization services for a wide range of websites, including E-commerce sites, mobile SEO, local SEO, and link-building services. Our expertise covers all aspects of Affordable Digital Marketing Packages, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible solutions for their online success. Additionally, we offer a range of other services to cater to diverse business needs.

Pick your Kind of Digital Marketing
Plan Pricing in India:

We have organized our extensive range of Affordable Digital Marketing Packages into three categories: Starter, Booster, and Premium. Each package is priced differently and requires a minimum commitment of six months. Our digital marketing pricing packages are specifically designed to prioritize keyword research and keyword finalization, in addition to the following services.

Technical Audit

Our wide array of Affordable Digital Marketing Packages is conveniently categorized into three options: Starter, Booster, and Premium. Each package comes with its own unique pricing structure and requires a minimum commitment of six months. These carefully crafted digital marketing pricing packages place a strong emphasis on essential elements such as keyword research and finalization. Additionally, they encompass a range of valuable services to further enhance your online presence.

On-Page Optimization

Our team is dedicated to conducting thorough keyword research and enhancing page speed, crucial factors for generating high-quality traffic. We provide a range of On-Page optimization services that enhance the visual appeal and smooth functionality of your website. Our customized digital marketing packages, carefully curated by our specialist teams, include optimizing images, creating exceptional quality content, monitoring keyword density, and much more. These services are designed to optimize your online presence and drive meaningful results.

Local SEO Optimization

Establishing a distinctive online presence is essential for the success of any business website, and local SEO services play a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility. Our acclaimed services provide an excellent opportunity to improve the visibility of your website at an affordable price range. Our dedicated team ensures that your web pages achieve higher rankings in search engines, as this is the key to generating revenue and driving traffic to your site. With our expertise, you can unlock the full potential of your online presence and maximize your business’s success.

Google Ads

Google AdWords, commonly known as Google Ads, is an incredible digital marketing strategy for promoting your website. With this method, your ads can be displayed on relevant websites and apps, attracting visitors effectively. We specialize in utilizing Google Ads to enhance the visibility of your ecommerce site, showcasing your products and services to a wider audience. Our experienced team promptly delivers results, utilizing their expertise to significantly boost the visibility of your website in a short period of time.

Online Reputation Management

In the digital landscape, the online image and web presence of a business play a critical role in determining its potential. For eCommerce sites, establishing a distinctive brand image is essential, as it shapes how visitors perceive the site. At our company, we provide exceptional management services to ensure your website maintains a strong and positive online reputation. We prioritize the way people view your site, recognizing its significance in building a powerful and influential image in the online sphere.”

Content Marketing & Link Acquisition

There are numerous strategies, but content marketing stands out as the most valuable approach. By crafting captivating and engaging content, it becomes effortless to attract visitors to your website. At our company, we specialize in delivering tailored content that not only captures attention but also enhances your brand visibility. Additionally, our branding packages encompass essential link acquisition techniques that are vital for establishing a strong online reputation for your website. Through our effective content creation and efficient linking strategies, attracting a substantial audience becomes an achievable goal.

Video Marketing

Video is an engaging and effective medium for connecting with your audience and showcasing your brand in a comprehensive manner. Through video marketing, you can effectively communicate all the details about your products and services, generating positive outcomes. To harness the full potential of video marketing, it is crucial to ensure that your videos encompass all the necessary elements. At our company, we offer a range of remarkable services at affordable prices through our customized digital marketing packages. Leveraging these exceptional services, climbing up the search engine rankings becomes a seamless process for business websites.

Blog Optimization

Blogs play a vital role in driving significant traffic to websites and serve as a crucial SEO strategy to attract visitors. Well-crafted blog posts that skillfully incorporate relevant keywords have the power to captivate readers and entice them to visit the site. Recognizing the importance of regular blog updates for business expansion, we offer exceptional blog optimization services tailored to meet your specific website needs. Our services aim to enhance brand visibility and ensure that your web page experiences improved performance.
At the end of the day, our focus is on providing you with the essential tools for your brand’s success. We offer a range of valuable services, including creative designs, brand development, interactive designs, and development solutions, all vital for your growth in the vast cyberspace. Additionally, we provide logo design services and comprehensive assistance in areas such as SEO, content creation, and PPC marketing. By leveraging our expertise, you can establish a strong online presence, increase brand visibility, and achieve your desired objectives.
When every website is different from the lot, why use the same strategies….
Instead, simply start hiring us and enjoy our highly customizable packages and pricings to take a leap.
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